Confusion Is A Blessing In Disguise

Confusion Is A Blessing In Disguise If you know how to harness its power. I woke up in the morning with my intestines in a knot. My head was throbbing with thoughts racing at an immeasurable speed, each trying to prove itself superior to others. My mind was playing wicked tricks on me countering every bit [...]

The Right Way To Live Life

There isn’t one. Imagine someone asks you — What is the right way to live life? What would you answer? Are you implementing the advice you ever-so-willingly give others? Do you even know what would your ideal life would look like?   Everyone seems to have a clear idea of how other people should lead their lives, but none [...]

How To Stop Overthinking Everything?

Worrying is like walking around with an umbrella waiting for it to rain.     The worst prison is being trapped in your own head. My battle with Overthinking I worry a lot. Almost to the point where it takes over my life. Mindfulness is a distant dream. I’m always worried about whether I’m using [...]

How To Be Free In A Not-So-Free World

We are not as free as we would like to be. But we have a lot more freedom than we think.  How Free Are We Really? Moreover, absolute freedom is undesirable. Why Absolute Freedom Is Undesirable?   We can't decide when to cue the sun unlike the movie The Truman Show but we can decide [...]

Why Absolute Freedom Is Undesirable?

  Everyone wants to be free     What is freedom? Are we really free? (Just in case curiosity is spilling out of your ribs and you're interested in diving into the depths, click the link above to know the truth about freedom in philosophical terms).   Absolute Freedom is undesirable Now that we know [...]