Most Important Part Of Self Growth

  I went trekking a few days ago and it won't be an exaggeration if I say that it was one of the most liberating experiences I've ever had. I slipped, I fell, my body ached and my mind desperately wanted me to stop but I kept pushing nevertheless. I knew I had in me [...]


How To Heal Emotional Wounds

Recently, I was going through a phase of really bad mental health. I lacked emotional clarity and was unable to focus on my work. I was not able to perform at my best. On some days, it was hard to perform anything at all. I got so caught up in the negative spiral that I [...]

Is Self Love important in a Relationship?

[Note: This applies to relationships in general and is not constricted to romantic relationships.]   “Self Love is the new black”   Here’s why:   1) You’ll always have you. From the day you enter this world until you breathe your last, you’ll spend every single moment with yourself irrespective of whether you want to [...]

Myths About Self Love You Shouldn’t Believe

What is Self Love? Self Love refers to Accepting and Appreciating Yourself while nurturing Admiration within, without having to seek validation outside.   MYTHS ABOUT SELF LOVE :   1) You don't have to change yourself DO NOT SETTLE/BECOME A SLOB UNDER THE NAME OF SELF LOVE. Do not give up working out or start [...]

Day 7 : 7 Days to Self Discovery!

Welcome to Day 7! Congratulations on making it this far! When we over-emphasis other people's opinions, our decisions reflect their choices more than our own. - The Luna How many times have you given up on your dreams to fit into others standard? Be who you were before the society told you what you should [...]